Tomorrow August 29th 2014 President Obama will be in town. Traffic will be a mess and people will get a little mad with the driving situation.  Roads will be closed that is with-out question.

BO will be arriving in Newport at approx. 6pm till he is done fundraising.  He is here to fund raise at the SeaFair house on behalf of the DCCC.  There will be around 50 guests and the tickets were 10,000 to 32,000 a piece.  That is a hefty price to rub shoulders with someone.  I wonder if he speaks for the 1% or well you get the drift.

Be prepared to have driving restrictions in place for the majority of Newport Rhode Island.

Welcome to Newport Rhode Island Mr. President Obama. I hear they have a few golf courses here if you like to play.

The Newport Police Department announced the following parking restrictions which will go in effect at 12:00 PM until 10:00 PM.

  • No parking on Memorial Blvd. both sides from Thames St. to Bellevue Ave.
  • No parking on Bellevue Ave. from Memorial Blvd south to East Bowery St.
  • No parking on Ocean Ave. between Carroll Ave. and Winans Ave.